HerWILL Invites All Women of Color in USA & Bangladesh to Explore the World of Data Science for Higher Paying Opportunities

Apply if you identify yourself as a woman of color, live in the US or Bangladesh, above the age of 16, with basic statistics and some programming knowledge.

Datathon Cash Prizes:

Teams Will Also Receive:

Teams Will Also Receive:

HerWILL welcomes you to join the world’s first Datathon targeted for women of color in partnership with AI4OPT and SBDH. It will be preceded by 8 workshops to help participants prepare for the Datathon and provide a basic understanding of Data Science as a whole. The winners will receive cash prizes and other opportunities both in academia and the indusrty.

Tanzeem Haque

STEM & Operational Lead

Dr. Edda Kloppmann

Supervisor & STEM Outreach

Karolina Worf

Mentor & STEM Outreach

Tahiya Islam

STEM Project Co-ordinator

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