Jim Bates

Summarized Bios:

Jim Bates has forty years of service to his Country in the United States Marine Corps, as a San Diego City Councilman, as the youngest Chairman of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, and as a member of the United States House of Representatives. In Congress he was cited by Congressional Quarterly as an “Outstanding Freshman Congressman.” While serving in the Marine Corps, he was awarded 3 Meritorious Promotions and Proficiency Pay for his continuing “Outstanding Effectiveness” all while earning his Associate of Arts degree attending evening classes at San Diego City College. Afterwards he earned a Bachelor of Science from San Diego State University, and worked for the Bank of America in its Executive Management Program and the aerospace industry as a contract administrator for the Rohr Corporation and Solar Turbines. He is currently the Executive Director of the United States Bangladesh Friendship Group.


As the newly elected San Diego City Councilman for the 8th District, Jim was elected city  wide and passed America’s most restrictive “No Smoking” law in the United States. This action initiated a national “No-Smoking” movement. Jim’s Noise Control Ordinance was favorably cited by the Environmental Protection Agency for every city and county in America. 

Jim was the youngest Chairman in the history of the San Diego County Board of  Supervisors. He recognized that since San Diego County had more Native American  Reservations than any other County in the United States that had never been consulted, he called  on all seventeen Tribes to meet with him. The Barona, Campo, Capitan Grande, Cuyapaipe,  Inaba & Cosmit, Jamul Indian Village, La Jolla, La Posta, Manzanita, Mesa Grande, Pala,  Pauma, Rincon, San Pasqual, Santa Isabel, Sychuan, Viejas Reservations responded to Jim’s  outreach to include their voices in the County.  

In the United States Congress, Jim had a significant impact, leading the fight to reduce the  deficit and MX Missile expenditures; initiating 144 independent investigations of the Navy (one  of which resulted in Admiral Thomas Cassidy losing his Pacific Fleet Command); railing against  excessive government expenditures such as an $800 ashtray; and authoring the House version of  legislation to “close the hole in the Ozone Layer.” 

Jim’s military public service years were served well by his business experience beginning with  his participation in the exclusive Bank of America Management Training Program. As a  Contract Administrator for the Solar Turbines company, Jim managed construction and  expedited delivery of essential turbines generating power throughout the world, and with Rohr  Corporation he expedited Boeing’s spare parts to get essential airplanes back in the air. 

For over six years Jim has been involved with plans to restore the Salton Sea, with the  Binational Water Group which evolved into the New Water Group.  

Recently as Co-Founder and Executive Director of the United States-Bangladesh Friendship  Group and working with Helping Hand, Jim was able to cosponsor a trip to Bangladesh to  deliver $3.7 million dollars’ worth of vital medical equipment and services to the Rohingya  refugees from Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladeshi villagers.