Google Digital Lessons & Curriculum


Make Art with Google Sheets

Create a pixel art project using conditional formatting in a spreadsheet.

Design an Infographic in Google Drawings

Summarize and communicate information visually by creating an infographic in Google Drawings.

Design a Poster About You

Introduce yourself to your classmates by creating a poster you can print with Google Drawings.

Create a Photo Journal in Google Docs

Write a journal about your experiences and add photos to a digital document.

Create a Scrapbook

Use images, text, and video to compile a digital scrapbook to share with your friends and family.

Create a Digital Picture Book

Write a compelling story with images by creating a digital picture book slideshow presentation.

Design and Share a Digital Badge

Recognize the words and actions of classmates by creating a digital badge for a scrapbook.

Make Art Inspired by Frida Kahlo and Mexico

Create pixel art in Google Sheets after getting inspired by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in the Faces of Frida exhibit on Google Arts & Culture.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt Through Italy

Complete a scavenger hunt in Google Slides after taking The Grand Tour of Italy on Google Arts & Culture.

Create a Comic Strip in Google Drawings

Learn how to plan for and create a comic strip about a story or series of events.

Make Pop Art in Google Drawings

Use pop art techniques to transform a photo in Google Drawings.

Create a Vision Board

Inspire yourself to reach your goals by creating a vision board in Google Drawings.

Visualize a Historical Story with Tour Builder

Build a virtual tour to tell a story from history with Google Tour Builder.

Create an Animation in Google Slides

Bring still images to life by creating an animation in Google Slides.

Create a Virtual Family Reunion in Google Slides

Collaborate on a shared digital family reunion using Google Slides.

Build a Logo to Express Who You Are

Design a logo that describes your identity using Google Drawings.

Get Organized in Google Photos

Organize your photos, make edits, and share albums with others using Google Photos.