Google Digital Lessons & Curriculum

Computer Science

Create a Guide to an Area

Research and organize information about a location to create an interactive guide.

Explore a Topic: Technology, Ethics, and Security

Research technology risks and dangers, explore solutions, and create a report to communicate your findings.

Program a Progress Bar

Program a progress bar for a presentation using basic coding.

Explore a Topic: Technology at Work

Research technology’s impact on the workplace and on people’s daily lives, and create a report to communicate your findings.

Explore a Topic: Technology's Role in Current Events

Research a current event, like “social media and presidential elections,” and create a report to communicate findings to classmates.

Create an Editing Tool with Programming

Improve a writing assignment by creating an automated editing program with code.

Explore a Topic: Innovators

Research an innovative person from history and create a project to communicate what you learned.

Introduction to Machine Learning

Make inferences and recommendations using data, train a computer, and consider ethical implications of machine learning.

Create a Responsible Blog with Google Sites

Learn about online safety and security while building a blog.

Build Healthy Digital Habits

Create a healthy technology balance by reflecting on digital habits with one of three creative projects.

Understand Your Digital Footprint

Visualize your digital footprint by recording your online actions in a spreadsheet.

Identify Cyberbullying

Collaborate with classmates to create a plan to recognize and stop cyberbullying.

Avoid Online Scams

Learn to identify and avoid online scams by analyzing a real-life situation in a group.

Create and Safeguard Passwords

Practice creating a strong password and keeping it safe using a spreadsheet.