Google Digital Lessons & Curriculum

English and Language Arts

Research and Develop a Topic

Use critical thinking to identify credible online sources, then use basic coding to make an interactive research document.

Create Quizzes in Google Forms

Test yourself and others on a topic by creating quizzes in Google Forms.

Create a Photo Journal in Google Docs

Write a journal about your experiences and add photos to a digital document.

Show Appreciation with Google Slides

Create a slideshow presentation to show your appreciation for a teacher, coach, or friend.

Practice Spelling Words By Following Clues

Learn and practice how to spell vocabulary words using a slideshow presentation.

Write Using Online Research

Find and evaluate online sources that you can use to write a research document.

Quiz Your Classmates About the Palace of Versailles

Create and share a quiz in Google Forms after visiting the Palace of Versailles on Google Arts & Culture.

Create an Annotated Playlist

Create a playlist about a school subject and annotate it with your thoughts on each song.

Explore the History of Humankind in Kenya

Make a crossword puzzle in Google Sheets after discovering How Kenya Became the Cradle of Humankind on Google Arts & Culture.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt Through Italy

Complete a scavenger hunt in Google Slides after taking The Grand Tour of Italy on Google Arts & Culture.

Write a Story Using Emojis

Create a rebus by adding emojis to your story in Google Docs.

Compare and Contrast in Google Slides

Understand and analyze the similarities and differences between different literary works using Google Slides.

Revise and Edit a Piece of Writing

Interact and collaborate with a group to revise and edit a document to strengthen the writing using standard English conventions.

Analyze Book Characters and Cast Them in a Movie

Analyze book characters using a table in Google Docs to share character details and cast a movie of the book.

Explore a Topic: Celebrate Black History

Research a topic related to Black history and create a project in Google Slides, Docs, or Sites to demonstrate what you learned.