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Why Support HerWILL On Giving Tuesday?

On Giving Tuesday, envision a future where women and underrepresented youth across the globe aspire confidently to be scientists, engineers, and STEM leaders. Your generosity on this special day has the power to transform these aspirations into tangible achievements. Women, particularly women of color, continue to face significant hurdles in STEM fields. Your contribution is more than just support; it’s a key to unlocking potential, shattering obstacles, and fostering transformative change. This Giving Tuesday, let’s unite to ensure that every girl has equal access to opportunities in STEM. With your help and HerWILL’s commitment, these dreams can become an empowering reality. Let’s make an impactful difference together – donate to HerWILL this Giving Tuesday.

Your support fuels success!

How will your contribution make a difference?

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HerWILL is a catalyst for necessary changes in the STEM fields. Your support on Giving Tuesday invests in a future where women have equal opportunities. Your donation provides education, resources, mentorships, and opportunities for women aspiring in these fields, helping the world sprint towards meeting the UN SDG5.
Join our Giving Tuesday Campaign and take a step towards a more inclusive future in technology. Support women in tech and see the global impact your contribution can make.
“Contribute Today”  this Giving Tuesday Today and help us in building equal leadership opportunities for women in STEM. 

Our Success Story

Raima path to empowerment

“As a sophomore in college, I received my first working opportunity in the STEM field as an intern at one of the most prestigious global security and aerospace companies. I was beyond thrilled for this opportunity to grow and work with people who truly cared about using technology to improve the world.

What I was not prepared for was the obvious imbalance of power between myself and my male counterparts. I quickly realized that my journey ahead would be treacherous as a woman, more so as a woman of color. 

In 2023, the gender gap in STEM remains significant, with women making up only 28% of the STEM workforce and only 9% of that being women of color. And women in STEM leadership? Under 5%.

Years later, I am now determined to help create a world where women in the STEM fields are given an equal voice. And that is what HerWILL aims to do – give women of color an equal seat at the table. We are dedicated to not only empowering diverse women to join the tech space but helping them become tomorrow’s leaders.

We partner with leading organizations including Google, Microsoft, and Georgia Tech to host workshops, and leadership training and provide scholarship opportunities for students of all ages. Participants of our program have also been able to match with job and research opportunities in their chosen fields”

Your Support Their Success

On Giving Tuesday 2023, we kindly ask you to donate and become part of the movement to provide equal opportunities to support women in tech and help diversify the field.

Looking Ahead

Job ready skills, hands on workshops amongst other trainings are made possible through your contributions. Here’s a look at some of the work our team has done these past few months:

How to Donate Today

Click the "Donate Now" button to make a secure online contribution. Every donation, no matter the amount, accelerates our progress. Join us in creating a tech era where women are celebrated as equals and the gender gap is history. Donate today and become a part of our mission.

How You Make a Difference?

Your generous contribution fuels our initiatives, from workshops to leadership training. By supporting us, you empower women to thrive as tech leaders, reshaping the narrative in Data Science and AI. 100% of your donation will go towards giving diverse women an equal opportunity to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Your support fuels success