Google Digital Lessons & Curriculum

Google Workspace

Google Workspace: Docs - Part 1

Learn to edit and format a document.

Google Workspace: Docs - Part 2

Learn tools and settings for working in a document.

Google Workspace: Drive

Learn to organize, manage, and share files in Drive.

Google Workspace: Gmail

Learn the basic components of Gmail to help you send and receive emails.

Google Workspace: Sheets - Part 1

Learn to build, organize, and format a spreadsheet.

Google Workspace: Sheets - Part 2

Learn spreadsheet functions, filters, and charts.

Google Workspace: Sheets - Part 3

Learn advanced functions and conditional formatting using Google Sheets.

Google Workspace: Slides - Part 1

Learn presentation themes, text, and transitions using Google Slides.

Google Workspace: Slides - Part 2

Learn how to add photos, images, videos, and shapes to a presentation.

Google Workspace: Slides - Part 3

Learn how to add tables, diagrams, and charts, and share your presentation.