Personal Story about Miscarriage and Parenting

Yes I’m a mom.

Mom of three boys.

This page is to share their lifetime achievement stories and much more. And I would like to add my highest achievement, becoming a mom! For all the women out there, who are trying and hoping for a baby, I hope my story will inspire you and give you hope, by the grace of the Almighty.

But the beginning of my motherhood was heartbreaking and devastating. Started with darkness and ended with 3boys Alhamdulillah.

I first got pregnant in 2013. Was super happy and enjoying the pregnancy symptoms, doctor appointments and all the tests. Was planning so much about the baby from the very first day.  Who doesn’t right? But I had little knowledge about……losing it early!

It’s was 6weeks, went for ultrasound to see the lil thing growing inside me. It grew, but no heartbeat. Not to worry, come after 2weeks, doctor told. Went in at 9weeks, baby grew, but I couldn’t still hear the heart beat! I can still remember doctor’s face. He was very sad. I asked him, what happened? He didn’t response. Told me to talk to my doctor. I knew, something really bad is happening inside me. But I never had the wildest thought of losing it. Doctor was making me understand, I might start bleeding soon, so be ready! Why will I be ready? I saw the baby….It’s right inside me, why shall I bleed?????  I had so much little knowledge about miscarriage. I was hoping, praying my baby will start it’s heartbeat. I was anxious to go into the toilet and check for spots. I was Going through hell. I just want my baby to live, Want to hold, kiss and hug him, like all the mothers!

Finally,  I started bleeding. But I was still praying to Allah for a miracle. My contractions started. I was in so much pain, Oh God. Labor pain sucks right? But still didnt know, it was labor pain. Went to emergency at dawn, doctor was saying, she is miscarrying! What the hell? I was shouting my guts out, I was shouting, can u pls check if my baby is ok! But they did listen. And finally I knew, I’m going to loose my baby, my first baby. I am never going to hold him. I was in so much pain. My heart and soul was crying out loud. And the doctor was calling it a product! Is it out yet? I wish I didnt listen words. I was unconscious. Feeling lifeless. My heart was bleeding. I prayed to Allah for a miracle. May be HE was planning something else. And yes, Allah has planned the best for me. Gave me three boys in 5years, 2015, 17,19. Isn’t it a Miracle?

After I miscarried,  I was devasted. But day by b-day I got strong. I prayed to Allah EVERY day for a gift, and He gave. Always keep faith in HIM, as he is the best planner of our lives.

People, ask me often, how do I manage 3 little babies! I tell them, Allah has given me strength and patience Alhamdulillah and that is why I could a strong mother. 

I left my job, all the dreams, sacrificed all the entertainment just to brought them into this world and build them to be a civilized well behaved human being.  But that doesn’t mean I have forgotten all my dreams, there are just on hold! My time will come, but right now my babies need me.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill