Purpose of HerWILL

Dear Friends, thank you for joining our ambitious group. Our ultimate goal is to bring gender equality by inspiring and helping our female friends shine with financial independence, intellectual superiority, career advancement, and leadership development through blogs, vlogs, panel discussions. As humanity, health, relationships, parenting are key to achieve success in our careers, these will also be topics of discussion. We expect to have real conversations asking for problems/issues you are facing in your quest to achieve higher. You are trying but you are stuck, or you need a little bit of motivation/push, you will ask, and other friends will answer. In HerWILL, we educate, empower, and elevate talented and high potential women.
Give each other wings to soar by providing a one-stop-shop to make women reach true gender equality.
Her WILL is a global community of dreamers, doers, and decision-makers, determined to make women successful. We believe in the multiplier effect in helping women rise to reach true gender equality with peer support, mentorship, knowledge sharing, and connection building. With years of collective experience and intellect, our members will help each other think differently, get out of their comfort zones, raise the bar, and reach for the stars. We aim to empower each and every one of us to achieve equality at home and outside.

  1. To celebrate women’s journeys through their shared stories
  2. To enrich women through knowledge and experience sharing
  3. We aim to empower each and every one of us to achieve equality at home and outside.
  4. To create a network of different interest groups or professions
  5. To support, collaborate, and create opportunities
  6. To unite and empower women through positivity and genuine concerns
  7. Loyalty
  8. Mutual respect
  9. Belief in the mission
  10. Dedication for real work
  11. Utmost professionalism
  12. Keeping calm in a crisis
  13. Zero negativity
  14. Sharing knowledge, experience, connection, limelight
  15. Intellectual curiosity
  16. Continuous self-development
    Willingness and passion to help another person are going to be a requirement. With much gratitude, we ask you to stay with us only if you embody our vision, mission, values, and ground rules.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill

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