Dreamers, Doers, and Decision Makers

Farhana Hasan

Founder and CEO

Atlanta, USA

Farhana Hasan is the Founder and CEO of HerWILL, a US based nonprofit organization for women’s empowerment that focuses on breaking social barriers to success through education, advocacy, discussion, and innovative technology. HerWILL is committed to helping to achieve gender equality, the UN SDG goal #5, by 2030.

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Farhana has been a senior leader in global aviation for almost 20 years, with experience in data science applications, business intelligence, aviation technology, and leadership development. She led the technology implementation for partnership development at Delta Air Lines, in collaboration with Delta’s strategic partners around the world. She has also served in SkyTeam IT Executive Board for five years.

Farhana is in charge of multi-million-dollar technology investments for partnership integration for joint ventures and equity investment. Farhana’s team has built the first on-time performance forecasting model for Delta Air Lines, which was endorsed by the US Department of Transportation.

Farhana has consulted for multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations in the US, Asia, Europe, and South America. She also taught Business Intelligence for Executive MBA at Georgia State University.

Her recent endeavor has been launching an international consulting firm that is dedicated to Data Science and Leadership Development. Farhana is trained by Leadership Management International in Total Leadership in addition to earning her Six Sigma Master Blackbelt.With HerWILL, Farhana has married her passion for women’s empowerment, innovative technology, and data insight. Her cross-cultural and multiple industry leadership experiences have made her well-suited for founding the social enterprise she is now leading.

Naaz Fahmida Ahsan

Social Programs

Melbourne, Australia

Naaz completed a Masters from the Australian National University on Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development before joining The Policy Lab at the University of Melbourne. She applied her critical understanding of the international development agenda based on extensive working years in South and Southeast Asia, to assist in the Faculty of Art’s research unit in policy-relevant research to support communities in Victoria.

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Recently, Naaz took her anthropological lenses in a new direction to apply the participant-observation techniques as a Governance Advisor working for the National Australia Bank’s People and Culture team.

Besides her love for language and culture, Naaz is a voracious reader and is also at the tail-end of writing her first fiction novel based on the experiences picked up during her time in Asia.

Fun fact: Naaz worked as an editor and translator writing subtitles for the Australian film LION (2016) which received six Oscar nominations.

When not playing Indiana Jones, Naaz can be found in her Aussie backyard in Melbourne, playing nursery rhymes for her toddler on her acoustic guitar.

Tanzeem Haque

STEM Outreach and Operations

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tanzeem Haque started out to be a physician and studied medicine for two years in Munich. While working in the healthcare frontline during her internship as a medical student, she knew it wasn’t her calling. She decided to study Bioinformatics instead and graduated from the University of Munich (LMU) and the Technische Universität München (TUM). She worked as a researcher in Helmholtz Institute and Max Planck Institute

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Her main areas of research were Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning in Bioinformatics. She also served as a teaching assistant at the Computer Science department of TUM. She was elected head of the gender equality office of the students union in LMU and later became the deputy for the faculty’s gender equality officer – Dr. Anne Brüggemann-Klein, who was the only female Professor at the Computer Science Faculty in TUM in 2016.

Extremely diverse and always hungry for new challenges, Haque left academia and joined Arvato CRM Healthcare at Bertelsmann, a multinational conglomerate in Germany, to seek industrial experiences. Being the senior data engineer of the company, she worked in Data Science & Engineering and AI with German claims data for occupational health promotion.

Since April 2020 Haque has been involved with the nonprofit organization for women empowerment, HerWILL-Women Inspired in Life and Leadership. She is the Director of Operations and STEM Outreach of HerWILL and also functions as the Lead for Data Insights & Social Media for the HerWILL Leadership Team.

In private life, she is a mother of a 10 year old girl, a vivid reader and goes for solo backpacking or hiking in the Alps whenever she feels the need of taking a break! She has traveled and backpacked in 30 countries in the world and plans to reach the milestone for 100 countries by the age of 50.

“Travel is Fatal to Prejudice, Bigotry and Narrow-Mindedness, and Many of Our People Need It Sorely on These Accounts” (Mark Twain, 1869)

Shegufta Ghani

Program Management and Wellness

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shegufta ia an HR professional with 14 years of experience and specialising in employee well-being, employee engagement, administration and customer service. She has worked in renowned MNC – Airtel Bangladesh and currently works at the reputed FMCG – Marico Bangladesh Limited. Apart from that, she is an active member of the NPO Her WILL organisation, holding the position of Director – Program Management & Well-being

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Beyond her decorated professional life, she is a mother of a pre teen son, is an avid traveler, a fashionista, an entrepreneur and a hobbyist gardener.

She strictly maintains work life balance as her belief is both these aspects of life are equally challenging as well ar rewarding and to harness the best out of herself she consciously avoids burnouts. She is a vocal advocate of the well-being of mental health and speaks about the taboo surrounding the subject in Bangladeshi context. She puts her family first above all but continues to push her potentials to garner the best possible outcome to be content with herself.

Tanjina Islam

GA Advocacy Programs

Atlanta, USA

Singer, Artist and Activist

Tanjina Islam achieved MBA in Healthcare Management from American Intercontinental University and BFA in graphics, animation and photography from Georgia State University.

Since her college days she has been an active member of Georgia Democratic Party. She has always been passionate about U.S politics and believe in women empowerment through world leadership. Tanjina has been officially working with several U.S Congress and Senate candidates like David Kim, Brenda Lopez Romero, Jon Ossoff and Bangladeshi for Biden National Council.

She is also the current member of Gwinnett Democratic Women.

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Tanjina Started vocal training in Indian Classical Music at the age of three from Shotto Shaha Shongeet Niketan. She is an alumni of prestigious music school Chayanaut where she learned Nazrulgeeti under legendary singers like Khairul Anam Shakil, Shumon Chowdhury, Shaheen Samad, and many more. Tanjina is the first Bangladeshi artist to work on an international album released by Billboard Asia in 2018 and also the first Bangladeshi female artist to get signed by Times India and Zee Music label. She received the best female South Asian Singer by Dhallywood Award. She had the honor of sharing the stage with numerous famous singers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Apart from singing, Tanjina also composes her own songs and does background scores for various short films and documentaries.

Saima Ahmed

Community Outreach

Toronto, Canada

Saima is an assistant branch manager in a financial institute and a real estate professional by the side. She did her MBA majoring in marketing from IBA, University of Dhaka. Sixteen years later she did the real estate licensing and started her own business.

Saima is married to a workaholic corporate man and a mother of nineteen years old son.

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Saima has an opportunity to live in many countries as she was accompanying her husband with all his job postings. She got to learn from cross cultural people. That gave her the eyes to look at everything in different lights. During this journey she worked in many profit/non-profit organisations as volunteers.

Saima believes in greater purpose of life. She visualised a shape of her belief when she was privileged to join HerWILL in May 2020.

Saima has interests in wide variety. Her first love is numbers. She continuously calculates anything and everything in her mind. She is creative, always super optimistic, passionate cook and a green-thumb.

Saima feels privileged to have the opportunity to work with HerWILL. Her dream will come true if she can participate to elevate even one human’s life in this journey with HerWILL.

Tazrin Binny

Communications, PR and Recruitment

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tazrin Jahan opens the line of communication between team, brands, clients, customers, and organization to run business smoothly. With over 5 years in private sector, she has experience in client servicing, branding, content development, social media, event & team management, customer service, internal & external communication and PR management.

Tazrin believes in “Do what you love – Love what you do”. From her love for reading story books, writing & getting lost into the world of imagination she pursued her education/ bachelor on English literature & English language teaching from East West University, Dhaka.

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Since May 2020 Jahan joined the nonprofit organization for women empowerment, HerWILL-Women Inspired in Life and Leadership. She is the Communication & PR manager of HerWILL Leadership Team.

Commitment & Empathy is the key to her happy professional & personal life. “Art of balance” is her unique proposition. Whenever this old soul feels the beauty of life or try to understand the meaning of life, Music, Literature, writing, reading, travelling, crafting is her food for soul. Beyond all right doing & wrongdoing “Family is her strength”.

Nurjahan Rupa

Program Manager, Digital Marketing

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nurjahan is a Business Psychologist/Human Resource professional. Over four years of work experience in People Management along with MSc in Business Psychology and Bachelor in Human Resource Management and Marketing. Her education is largely focused on this mindset: to make an impact in people’s lives by learning and growing with the organization to develop a sustainable culture and team that leads to efficiency and effectiveness. So far she had work both in for-profit and non-profit, Tech firm and Research firm.

During the academic life, she worked with disabled participants and done her master’s research project on

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‘The impact of Core self-evaluation towards Job Satisfaction among working adults with hearing impairment: The mediating effects of Personality Traits’. She gained valuable experience by working with the Psychology Society and participating in many voluntary counselling sessions in Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Aside from her professional life, she loves to take part in Socio-humanitarian work which leads her to HerWILL and now she is leading the Design Team and calls herself a proud willer.

As a person, she is an empath, optimist, hodophile, teaholic and foodie. She enjoys exploring so far she has travelled 13 countries and counting.

She feels privileged to be a part of this inspiring group of women where she can learn, grow, empowered and elevate for better.

Dr. Semonti Hossain

Reproductive Health

Seattle, USA

My name is Dr. Semonti Hossain and I have newly moved to Washington State to practice as an OB/GYN. Prior to this, I have provided care to many women in the greater Boston area and developed a variety of interests including management of low and high risk pregnancies as well as infertility, menopausal health, family planning, and laparoscopic gynecologic surgery.

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I also have an active interest in global health projects in Bangladesh and mentoring the next generation of medical professionals. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring local cafes, discovering international cuisine, and learning about new cultures through travel with my husband and family.

Growing up as a Bangladeshi American, I have witnessed how Bangladeshi women can shape the world around them. I am thankful to be a product of strong-willed women and hope to continue to foster that energy in our panel conversations about Women’s Health. You are paving the way for the next generation of Bangladeshi women, and it is a privilege to help keep you informed about your health! I look forward to chatting with you soon

Dr. Moiuri Siddique

Reproductive Health

Rhode Island, USA

My name is Dr. Moiuri Siddique and I am a practicing OBGYN in the state of Rhode Island, now subspecializing in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. I completed my general training in obstetrics and gynecology in Washington, D.C where I cared for women with a variety of concerns involving antenatal and postpartum care, reproductive health, and, gynecologic surgery for benign and malignant indications.

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My current focus in pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery allows me the flexibility to specifically address uterine prolapse, postmenopausal changes, and, sexual health.

I believe one of the utmost privileges I have had is growing up in a Bangladeshi household. The values my family instilled in me from a young age have shaped my perspective on many things in life, principally, how I care for my patients. I have a special interest in working to eliminate barriers to accessing healthcare resources for women of color, which invariably includes our Bangladeshi mothers, sisters, andddd daughters.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. You all exemplify that the future is indeed female. We look forward to talking with you all soon!

Moiuri Siddique, MD MPH | Clinical Fellow, PGY-6
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Division of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University| C: 917 767 0317

(Dr.) Karolina Worf

Data Science, STEAM Outreach

Munich, Germany

Karolina Worf obtained her general university entrance qualification in a school specialized on psychology and social sciences, where she found out that her passion lies primarily in mathematics. Therefore, she decided to study Bioinformatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), which she successfully completed in 2016 with a Master’s degree. Here, she gained first experiences with algorithmic methods, programming and machine learning methods.

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Simultaneously she worked as a student research assistant in various interdisciplinary fields (computer science, biology and bioinformatics). The practical experiences convinced her to continue working on complex biological questions as a PhD student at the Institute of Computational Biology (ICB) at Helmholtz Zentrum München.

Karolina loves to work in a team, to solve challenging tasks, to foster scientific collaborations and to manage projects efficiently. Last year, she decided to focus more on her organizational and communication skills and thus started to work as a science manager at Helmholtz AI.

In her spare time, she volunteers to help the elderly and likes to bake. One of her goals is to read Le Monde’s 100 Books of the Century and to visit all new 7 Wonders of the World.

Dr. Edda Kloppmann

Artificial Intelligence, STEM Outreach

Munich, Germany

Dr. Edda Kloppmann’s background is in computational structural biology. During her PhD she analysed transmembrane protein structures and together with colleagues developed an optimization algorithm that determines a gap-free list of low energy states. She became a data scientist during her postdoc analysing protein sequences. After a sojourn analysing healthcare data she is now teaching data analysis and statistics.

Dr. Tahia Haque

Physician’s Outreach

San Francisco, USA

Tahia Haque M.D. is a Bangladeshi-American psychiatrist with a special interest in immigrant and refugee mental health. She received her medical degree from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and completed her psychiatry residency training at Northwell Health Zucker Hillside Hospital. Her focus includes psychopharmacology, various psychotherapy modalities, and psychoeducation/advocacy. Her role as an advocate extends to the national and global level, where she would like to raise awareness of mental health issues and improve access to care.

Dr. Jhunu Shamsun Nahar


Dhaka, Bangladesh


MBBS in 1983 from Sofia Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria with distinction (excellent grade).

FCPS (Fellow of the College of Physicians & Surgeons) in 1991 in Psychiatry from Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons (BCPS).

Fellowship in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and group therapy (Lahore, Pakistan) in 2005.

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Training on Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Psychological First Aid (Milan, Italy) in 2008.

International Fellow of American Psychiatric Association since 2016
Chairperson of Faculty of Psychiatry, Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons (BCPS)
Vice-President of Bangladesh association of Psychiatrists
President of Association of Therapeutic Counselors, Bangladesh

Experience, research and trainings:

Twenty-eight years of experience in the field of Psychiatry
Research, thesis supervision and examiner of MD, M.Phil. and FCPS examinations
Trainings in country and abroad (USA, Denmark, Italy, Pakistan etc.)
Training in CBT, Relaxation Therapy, Anxiety management, Group Therapy
Participation in different seminars (home and abroad)
63 publications in national and international journals
Thesis guidance

Dr. Mahjabeen Haque


Dhaka, Bangladesh

Had the opportunity to work with different international (such as Save the Children, Australia) International Child Helpline and national NGO’s, research organizations and Ministry of Social Welfare as Consultant and Trainer. I’ve conducted more than 100 workshops at different institutes and conferences. I’ve presented keynote speeches at different seminars and symposiums. Have 10 years of experience to run female dormitory. Discussant in different TV programs on mental health issue.

Tahiya Islam

Content Writer, HerWILL


Tahiya Islam is a pharmacy graudate who is currently at the end of her Master of Science Degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Pursuing Science her whole life, Tahiya, somehow fell in love with writing, public speaking, and humanitarian activities.

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For her love and passion for social work, she started her non-profit organization in Bangladesh, AIM Initiative Foundation, along with her friends. Her organization envisions in dissolving poverty from the country through education, skill development activities, and healthcare facilities to the underprivileged children. She serves as the Director of Media and Publication in the organization and this is what keeps her fiercely connected to her motherland despite staying outside the country.

She joined HerWILL in 2020 as she genuinely wanted to work with women who empower each other personally, professionally, and individually, as a human being first, then, as a woman.

As an individual, she feels the most comfortable expressing her thoughts and feelings through her write-ups. She believes, practices, and preaches- “Live and Let Live

Dr. Rehab Ar Rahma

Community Outreach

Dhaka Bangladesh

Rehab-Ar-Rahma, A physician, completed MBBS from Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital. Studying Executive Masters in Health Economics, University of Dhaka with a vision to contribute in policy making in future, explores clinical trainings alongside.

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She joined HerWILL with an intention to work as a Social Inclusion Activist and combine effective approaches from the perspective of Social Entrepreneurship. At present she is Community Outreach Lead at HerWILL.

She is a Bridal Makeup Artist certified by Selina Manir Artistry, a Beauty Enthusiast. Believes a person can be multi-passionate. A lover of literature, music, poetry and loves to write.

Chris Duncan


North Carolina, USA

Is currently the EVP of Program Sales and Business Development of Decisely, a fast-growing “insuretech” company focused on providing integrated benefits and other HR solutions to businesses. He helps Decisely and its people fulfill its mission to provide a full suite of HR solutions for small and medium sized businesses, focusing on benefits, benefits administration, payroll, recruiting and other HR capabilities, through leadership in Operations and Sales.

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In addition to Decisely, Chris is a Sr. Advisor/Consultant to Layr, a rapidly growing Property Casualty Insurtech firm HQ in Atlanta GA. Also, a former Chief Growth Officer and National Benefits Leader of EPIC, a “Top 15” property/casualty, benefits, loss control, claims, and HR administration company where he was responsible for national employee benefits leadership, and organic and inorganic growth strategies and execution. Chris held multiple positions including strategic planning, finance, and risk/security/insurance management leadership positions within PepsiCo companies of Frito-lay and KFC. Chris also served as the Chief Risk Officer at Delta Air Lines.

Rashed Ahmed


Toronto, Canada

Global Marketing Leader and Business Strategist with over 20 years of experience working across Asia and North America at one of the world’s top CPG companies. Driven by the mission to make positive impact on people’s lives to change for the better.