About Asian Hate

Woman violence specially Asians didn’t stop rather it is increasing day by day. Specially during this pandemic women violence increased in numbers.  Alll women please be aware and try to help other women as much as possible in all possible ways

Try to bring awareness in the community, be compassionate, kind to others . We , who are privileged in many ways provably don’t have any ideas how others ( underprivileged women ) are surviving , how are they struggling with their lives just to survive , every single moment they are struggling how to be secured . And some of us have complains if we can’t have parties , if we can’t hang out , if we can’t have branded cloths , if we can’t have byriani every other week or so. We need to be awakened, please wake up and start working. 

I am sharing  an e mail what I received from womankind this morning how sad is that there were 6 women killed ( mostly Asian )

Dear Womankind Community,

Womankind is horrified, saddened, and angered by the targeting of Asian massage parlors and spas and the murders that ensued in Georgia. We mourn the eight lives lost, six of whom were Asian women. Because Womankind has served survivors of gender-based violence in the Asian communities for roughly forty years, this hits close to home. The individuals whose lives were taken come from communities in which we work. For many of us, they are the communities from which we ourselves come. We share our condolences with the families and communities of those who were murdered in these senseless acts and hope for healing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light many issues. Anti-Asian sentiment is not a new phenomenon; in fact, it has existed since the first immigrants arrived in America. However, because of unproductive dialogue around COVID-19 disparaging Asian communities, the sentiment and hate crimes against Asians and Asian-Americans have increased exponentially, giving rise to anxiety and fear in our communities.

These brutal attacks of violence epitomize exactly the kind of trauma that Womankind strives to make obsolete. The gunman rationalized his actions against massage workers as a means to avoid temptation. In doing so, he did what many who continue to harm do: he dehumanized, objectified and blamed these women for their mere existence, instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Laying the blame on these women continues to perpetrate the fetishization and sexualized violence of Asian women, which historically impact Asian massage workers at disproportionately high rates.

Asian hate crimes are much more prevalent than are reported. As we know from our work with survivors of violence in the Asian communities, individuals of Asian descent are often reluctant to report crimes or abuse because of language barriers or immigration status. There is also the issue of bringing shame on one’s family or a deep desire not to create any further trouble.

At Womankind, we are committed to speaking out against white supremacy and misogyny, whether from individuals or systems. We call upon allies to stand with us to promote justice, compassion, and harmony amongst the various individuals and communities that make up our country and to call for the end of senseless anti-Asian violence.

Womankind holds steadfast to our vision and mission — to create a future where we Rise Above Violence. We are committed to working with our allies and within our communities so that we can innovate towards collective well-being, restoration, and social justice. We will not let these events deter us from our path and our commitments. We remain determined to do what is right by our communities and those we serve.

In Solidarity,


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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill