Nasrin Khan- IWD 2021

Whether it’s looking back or looking forward, IWD speaks to all of us a little differently.
International Women’s Day means many things to many people. It can be a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and it can be a day for challenging the gender stereotypes and gender imbalances that still exist. Ultimately, IWD speaks to all of us a little differently. I want to know what it means to you
For me, International Women’s Day is all about perspective and acknowledging that others have a different experience of the world than I do.
My experience of society’s biases and discriminations is very different to that of many women in our culture.
I grew up in an environment where my mother was always respected for every decision she took , she was never suppressed by my father or any of his family members. In our culture specially those days it was rare . It was rare to find that kind of father , who holds the position till today that he is the man of the house meaning whatever decision he takes is final , there is no other way around . I grew up in a family where we were 5 siblings ( 3 of us were sisters and 2 brothers ) . My father always supported us 3 sisters more than our brothers . He used to say মেয়েদের কে অনেক আদর দিয়ে বড় করতে হয় কারণ ওদের ভাগ্যের কথা বলা যায় না .
Why I said my experience is different than lots of other women? You all know why ?
In our society till today women has to fight for everything, they have to fight even their voice to be heard. I was very lucky to have a father like him. Because of my experience of my childhood, My expectations were different from this society. But real life begins when you have your own life .
The fight for gender equality is only as strong as the movement is diverse and intersectional, and I feel like there has been progress in terms of making feminism more inclusive and responsive to the needs to marginalised groups. More I get involved in different organisation specifically empowering women more I grow and more I become stronger. Throughput my life
Gender equality is what allows me to follow my passions free of stereotypes about what women’s and men’s roles should be. For me that means spending more time with my family, specially with my kids , it’s very important to spend quality time with your kids and I specifically made sure that my son respects women as equally as he does for men . In my family men and women are considered equal in every aspects of life that includes your house chores to the extent of your academic career. I was privileged to pursue my career ambitions to the fullest. I think it’s this kind of balance is how we build a happy life. On This International Women’s Day, I inspire all women to explore your strengths, talents , abilities , skills and use your all power to bring your dream come true

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