Creativity for Kids

The expression “creativity,” in our society, tends to be applied to artistic endeavors. But divergent thinking is a crucial part of everyday life, especially for the kids. For kids, creativity is more than a product — it is a process. Kids who astound their teachers and parents with unfamiliar replies to questions, who exhibit a keen sense of wit, who perhaps are nonconforming and capricious are thinking creatively. When our kids are started to go to school, both of us were furious to find an extra-curricular center (ECA) for them, where our kids can boost their ingenuity and can be engaged in creative endeavors.

We waltzed around the city and tried what seems to be reasonable, which later on resulted futile, producing no perceptible outcomes and our kids were utterly unhappy. They tried their best to make us content, but we were expecting more from them, especially from those institutions where our kids were visiting three days a week after school. After experiencing difficulties and disappointments for one and a half year, we decide for setting up a new extra-curricular center (ECA) in Banani. Both of us were served as tutors in various schools for five years, and love teaching, we thought to give a try. We knew that making assumptions can be exclusive in this regard; therefore, we conducted a comprehensive study to minimize risk and also maximize our chances of success. We tried to bring together the insights, experiences and expertise of leaders, operators and authorities from a wide range of contexts in this sector under one umbrella called “Wiggles and Giggles”. Both of us roamed almost every corner of Banani to find a proper location, and repetitively stunned by the high amount of rent asked by the owners. But we were succeeded to on despite difficulties.

On 2018 we started our ECA with 7 students and a small group of enthusiastic teaching staff who we ready to sacrifice every bit of themselves to promote the culture of creativity. At Wiggles & Giggles, we provided a friendly and nurturing environment to assist children to explore freely and to discover and try out their ideas so that each child entrusted in our care can blossom in their way and enriched with self-esteem, skills and confidence.

Based on kid’s needs, our programs have been carefully developed for each stage and age group that we work with. We want children to gain knowledge and skills through ‘imagination and structured play’ and ‘learning activities’. Through W & G, we tried to provide an atmosphere that promotes positive self-image and experiences that are matched to each child’s developmental level, which accelerates natural learning encapsulating the educational, social, emotional, and physical development. 

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill