Farhana Hasan- IWD 2021


You think you are invincible, impenetrable

        With years of taming your soul to not soften;

        Spine to not bend; heart to not melt

        You think you have an uncrackable shell 

You think you are equal to the other half of humankind

       With all of life’s triumphs, tragedies, and trajectories, YOU

       Work harder, Think better

       Aim higher, Achieve greater

You wanted to be a human, not just a woman

       With “don’ts” throughout your adventure and thunder

       With thousand years of dark history making you shudder

       With your best rate being 78 cents to a dollar

You kept racing; and chasing; and “not living”

 You had a flag to carry for those without a voice

       So you kept your eyes on the ball

       So you acted like a robotic doll

       So you lived in a pitch black hole

What you did not see coming

      That sign of your closed window cracking

      That sound of wind howling

      That cry for life and joy returning

And right then, some unwelcome comet comes out of the sky

Penetrates your shell, rips your inside, shows you light outside

And shoots right out, done with its desire to discover and destroy

       What you did not comprehend –

        in your core

       You are nothing but one

       Dopamine driven Estrogen score

       When you love, you pour

And there my friend, THEY win and reign

Because you let that one hypocrite comet enter your soul

Because its crocodile tears for your rights made you a fool

Written for International Women’s Day 2020.

I may have posted it last year. Don’t quite remember.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill