Welcome note from the Founder of HerWILL


Welcoming our brand-new friends to HerWILL. Thanks for joining the movement of elevating each other to achieve greater success at different stages in life. Sorry, it’s taking so long to approve the request to join, but we will eventually get to most people who have the intentions and abilities to help themselves and others shine brighter.

You think you are ordinary? What is there to share about yourself? What is there to give to others? You are intimidated by all these fabulous women’s illustrious success stories? Let me assure you, my friend, just by virtue of being a woman – an educated and talented one at that – having dealt with the struggles we deal with like it’s all a child’s play, you have long passed the level of ordinary. Don’t ever doubt yourself or your achievements regardless of your status in life. We love degrees, awards, leadership, talents, celebrity status, but we also love humanity, positivity, and ambitions. And we are here to help you reach the next stage of wherever you are in life.

What are we doing here?

1. Showcasing ourselves – our talents, work, achievements, life, success, and struggle stories. We do not pay attention to that small percentage of people who say our profiles make them uncomfortable. We ENCOURAGE you to flaunt your successes. WHY? … Because women neither do a great job of celebrating their accomplishments nor do they get proper recognition for their success. So, we would love you to self-promote.


2. Mentoring each other – talk to us about helping people out in your field of choice. Be a mentor or ask to be mentored. Publicly and/or privately. For professional success and personal issues/fulfillment. If you have a little bit of time to spare, and willingness to help, contact us.


3. Elevating yourselves – through Discussions/Debates/VLOGs/Panels/HerWILL Leads – You are a woman of substance – with expertise, talents, and a burning desire to help. Contact us so you have a platform to have your voice heard across the world. Quality content with great personalities adorns HerWILL. Thanks to those phenomenal women who are already working with us. This is YOUR platform to make YOU shine globally.


With Love.

Farhana Hasan Shoma

Fun Facts:

1. We are fully aware of the numerous groups copying our mission to make their own spin-offs. To those, we say, “if you must, do it well or even better, with the sole mission of helping women.”

2. We are also aware of those who remain in HerWILL but defame our name and intentions with ridiculous and fictitious public remarks outside of the group. To those, we say “Thank you for being our friends.”

3. And NO, we are NOT TRANSMITTING your data to the Russians or the Martians. Your data belongs to Facebook and/or any other online platform you use. Of course, you are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to know this. But still wanted to reiterate it to dispel some obnoxious rumors.

4. And finally, in all seriousness, we will explain soon why we have to decline some well-meaning posts. Thanks for your patience. But please remember that negativity and bullying have no place in HerWILL.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill