Me from 7 Years Ago and Me from Today

7 years ago I was injured by a grenade attack, lost my hearing partially, didn’t have enough power and money, attacked with grenade because I wanted to fulfil my duty, lost parts of my ear, shattered my back with the splinters. Couldn’t sleep on my back for a long time, couldn’t take a shower, started to lose my mind because of the continuous ringing in my ear, cried almost every night because I couldn’t sleep for the sound. Couldn’t take a proper shower even after a long time because the pain in my ear was unbearable. Almost lost my mind, my faith on humanity.

Today, after 7 years, I am kicking a****. I am doing my PhD, I have more power than many, earned money, do not cry over the sounds or injury. I still have the splinters (probably I have to carry them as long as I live), I still have the continuous sound on my ear, still can’t take cold shower, still can’t hear on my left ear properly, still can’t tolerate loud sound. But I learned how to live with all the odds. I learned how to survive

and that’s what made me powerful, I think. I know how to live with utmost pain and sufferings. And yet I choose to believe in people. I didn’t lose my faith on humanity. I decided to keep believing. And it made all the difference. At least to me.

We grow from our sufferings. We grow from our misery and trauma. And when we grow beyond all those trauma, we become the most powerful one human could ever be.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill