Post Pandemic Skill Related Write-Up

We are in trying times all over the world. Many folks we know have been laid off. Many folks graduating this year are struggling to find appropriate placement. I wanted to share with this group of ladies- a set of resources I have found helpful in the past to navigate the career maze and I have shared with my mentees. Some may be relevant globally, while others more specific to the US. If I have missed anything, I know there’s others in the group who can probably contribute as well.

Make a plan of your job search and a timeline. Be strategic. Make a list of top 20 companies that you want to target (based on location, passion, other criterias)

Based on your target list initially, find your network – one person you can connect with. This is a particularly tricky one. Please don’t randomly message people on linkedin or facebook for referrals. Try with common connections : Alumni network, friends, family, old work connections. One would be surprised how small the world really is-

Let people know- this is also tricky, as it can be embarrassing to get laid off but, you’ll be surprised to know 40% of the workforce has been laid off atleast once in their career. It often is not a reflection of your skills, but a reflection of the financial state of the company. Unless people know you’re searching, they won’t be able to help.

Re-do your resume and your cover letter- the world is dynamic. A resume that was relevant a few months ago needs a little bit of a touch-up.

Interview, interview, interview – the best way to gain confidence, make connections and find your passion is to interview with as many companies as time permits. With Zoom interviews on the rise, it’s critical to take zoom interviews as seriously as in-person ones.

Stay positive and know that sometimes a lay-off or a sabbatical can be a blessing in disguise. It allows one to re-think their goals, redirect their careers and even start something they may be ultimately passionate about.

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill