The Invisible Cord

With worn out eyes she sits in the balcony,
Trembling with pain she groans.
Staring towards the horizon far away,
She yearns for her long lost days.
Chubby cheeks and smiling faces of her children come flashing back,
Jumping and spoiling her lovely dress.
She looks in the mirror on the table and sees an old wrinkled face
As years and months have passed by, tending to them and mending their ways.
Now they live in a far off land,
As she sits alone on the lonely terrace
They had left as she had wished,
She wanted for them to have all that was best.
Her eyes glisten with the sound of bells.
A flickering of hope races by with a momentary bliss.
“Here comes my hero,
Who brings a little joy and peace when I am sad!!’.
She smiles and touches her belly,
Feels the movements of their tiny feet
No one in this world can cut the invisible umbilical cord
Connecting the hearts of mother and child.
Yes, today is the day. She knows.
Silence engulfs her, she looks distant
Tears roll down her cheeks,
As she looks up towards the sky.
A sigh,
a smile.
“God keep them happy forever, that is all I seek from thee
Thank you my Lord for having blessed me and sending them to me”
An aching pain grips his heart, as he leans and sees her marble eyes,
Gaze still open with a far longing hope, not glistening anymore.
She had wanted nothing for her gain except struggle, to bring for them the best
And shower the love she had only for them.
Not knowing what to do with this spectre of a mother,
He sits there in silence, as the world around him darkens…….

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Developer Herwill

Developer Herwill

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